Rights & Responsibilities

When you started your apprenticeship you signed a legally binding training agreement with your training provider and your employer.

Because you are new to the workplace, you might not be aware of your rights and responsibilities.

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Balancing your rights and responsibilities will give you the best chance of successfully completing your apprenticeship.

Incolink Apprentice Support Workers are here to support you.
Email or call (03) 9668 3061. Regional apprentices can freecall us on 1800 337 789.

If you have any problems, please refer to “Disputes with your employer” page. Click here to view.

You have a right:

  • To be paid wages according to your award, workplace agreement or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) and receive pay slips
  • To work in a safe environment that is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • To be properly trained and supervised on the job
  • To be released to attend formal structured training provided by your training provider or TAFE

You have a Responsibility:

  • To attend formal structured training at your training provider or TAFE
  • To be safe at work and not work under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • To sign a contract or training agreement with your employer
  • To work under instruction at agreed working times
  • To turn up on time and be ready to work
  • To listen and learn while on site
  • To take care of workplace property and resources
  • To maintain record books and work evidence as required