Incolink continues to be the number one industry redundancy funds provider and has been working hard to improve the benefits and services we provide to workers in the Victorian building and construction industry.

My old man took his own life and the Apprentice Support guys really helped me through it.2nd Year Carpenter

Incolink Apprentice Support Worker Team

Incolink’s Apprentice Support Workers offer a free confidential support and referral service to apprentices and young workers to ensure they are equipped to deal with workplace, trade school and personal pressures and difficulties. This includes information on issues like drug and alcohol abuse and suicide prevention. The workers are also available to provide follow-up support and counselling to apprentices. Employers can also use the service where apprentices or young workers are giving them cause for concern.

Employment support

Incolink members who become unemployed, known as “Out of Trade”, can also contact the Incolink Member Services Department. Their job is to help unemployed apprentices who are members of Incolink to gain employment so that their apprenticeship can be completed. This is a free service and they can be contacted on (03) 9668 3061.

Redundancy Scheme

Redundancy means losing your job due to a shortage of work.

Incolink provides financial support to unemployed workers through the administration of redundancy payments. Funded by employer contributions, these payments are available to workers who are retrenched, made redundant, awaiting new contracts or temporarily unemployed.

Most apprentices do not receive Incolink redundancy contributions unless stipulated in your Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA). However, for apprentices who are registered with Incolink and working on a commercial construction site, your employer is required to notify Incolink of the days you work on a commercial site.

If you are made redundant (due to lack of work) during your apprenticeship, and you have worked on commercial construction sites, you may be entitled to a redundancy payment from Incolink. This entitlement depends on the number of days you worked on commercial sites and the year of your apprenticeship.

To check your eligibility call (03) 9639 3000 and quote your membership number.

Apprentices are able to select how their redundancy funds are treated and have a choice to have their funds held in either:

  • An Incolink Severance Account (default account provided to Incolink members), or
  • An Incolink Genuine Redundancy Account (GRA).

To find out more about Incolink’s accounts please refer to the Severance Account Brochure and Genuine Redundancy Account Brochure, available from Incolink or on our website

Please Note: apprentices are eligible to claim a GRA if they are made genuinely redundant by their employer and to hold an Incolink GRA. However, they must elect to hold the account by completing the Genuine Redundancy Account Application form and complete the 14 day cool-off period prior to making a claim. For more information, contact Incolink’s Operations team on
(03) 9639 3000, or the Incolink GRA Liaison Officer on:
0448 870 225.

Click the links below to find out more about or call
(03) 9639 3000:

How does an apprentice benefit?

When do I qualify to claim?

How is my entitlement calculated?

Will tax be deducted?

Incolink Insurance Benefits

Incolink provides a range of insurance covers to workers should they suffer an accident or illness outside working hours, which prevents them from working. Additional benefits also extend to workers’ dependants for Emergency Transport and Accidental Dental cover.

Leisure Time Personal Accident Insurance

If you work in the commercial/industrial building industry, and your employer provides us with the days you work on these sites, or is paying Incolink Redundancy contributions, you will receive Free Personal Accident Leisure Time Insurance Cover.

Benefits include a weekly benefit payment for up to 3 years for an accident which occurs outside working hours and prevents you from working. Additional benefits include Capital benefits, Broken Bones benefits and a Funeral benefit.

Cover is also extended to your dependants for a Dental Accident only occurring outside working hours. Emergency Transport for ambulance usage is covered anywhere in Australia (when not work related and not covered by any statutory transport accident scheme).

This insurance will apply whilst apprentice days and/or redundancy contributions continue and remain current (conditions and exclusions apply).

Income Protection & Trauma (IPT) Insurance

If your employer is paying IPT contributions during your apprenticeship you will receive insurance cover for Leisure Time Illness, Workcover Top-Up, Workplace Trauma and TAC Top-Up.

Portable Sick Leave (PSL)

The PSL scheme has been set up to take over the sick days you would normally lose when you leave or are terminated by your current employer. Incolink has purchased an Insurance Policy to cover workers in the building and construction industry who have a remaining balance of sick leave at the time of termination. If you are eligible to receive PSL and your employer is paying the agreed PSL contribution payments during your apprenticeship, you will be covered by this scheme. The maximum number of days claimable during the life of the policy for any individual worker is 100.

Please note: Insurance benefits are only available for workers where the employer continues to pay the relevant contributions (or apprentice days). If a period exists where no contribution has been paid on your behalf whilst employed, then no cover will apply for such period. Gaps in contribution payments will mean no cover will apply.

Life Care

Incolink life care

We know that during your apprenticeship things do not always fall into place as you would like. You do not need to have all the answers to the new challenges that your life will bring, and you may not know how to navigate some of the unfamiliar territory you may find yourself in.

To find out more about the Incolink Life Care service please click here

Program supported by Cbus and Department of Health and Ageing.