Drugs & Alcohol

If you feel that your substance use is getting out of control and you would like to speak to someone about it, call Incolink

It is really great to know that when things go wrong, the guys at Incolink are only a phone call away.3rd Year Cabinet Maker

Site Policy

  1. Safety is paramount at building sites
  2. This policy applies to everyone on site without distinction
  3. A person dangerously affected by drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to work until that person can work in a safe manner
  4. A decision on a person’s ability to work in a safe manner will be made by the Safety Committee
  5. A person affected by drugs or alcohol will be cautioned in accordance with the agreed procedure
  6. A Safety Committee will provide information to the persons seeking help for their drug or alcohol problem
  7. Sick leave or leave without pay can be negotiated to enable rehabilitation and counselling
  8. No one will be disadvantaged in the workplace as a result of undertaking a rehabilitation program

Do you like to party?

There is nothing wrong with going out and partying, but remember that you are employed in a high risk environment. If you turn up to work/TAFE still affected by what you had the night before, you are placing yourself and others at risk. You could also be unsafe because you haven’t slept well, or the effects haven’t worn off. If you’re going to use drugs or alcohol, the easiest way to make sure things run smoothly at work/TAFE is not to use during the week, and to use responsibly whenever you do.

The commercial construction industry in Victoria has an alcohol and drug policy (see next page) that is supported by the building unions and employer associations. If it is determined that you can’t work safely due to substance use, you will be asked to leave the site.

You should know that risks from drinking alcohol (e.g., drink driving, being in a fight, missing work) go up significantly when you drink too much on a one-off occasion. This is called binge drinking. Other risks such as liver disease, brain damage and social problems are increased if you are regular heavy drinker over a long period of time.

For building industry specific information about various substances, support for substance use, and alcohol and drug policies go to

If you feel your substance use is getting out of hand, or would simply like to speak to someone about it, call Incolink. Everything you say will be confidential, so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding out. It can be as simple as a one-off chat over the phone or a face-to-face meeting. It is a free service and we are here to help you. Call your Incolink Apprentice Support Worker on
(03) 9668 3061

Handy tips for your night out

Drink Safe Mate
Rehydrate – it will reduce your hangover
Inform someone of where you are going
Need to look after mates
Keep track of how much you are drinking

Spend within your limits
A taxi is cheaper than an accident
Food before booze – you’ll feel better
Easier and safer to walk away

Make sure you know how different drugs will react
Always designate a sober driver
Take condoms with you = safe sex
Everyone needs support sometimes – Call Incolink
(03) 9668 3061

Get the Effects by TXT

Simply text a drug name to 0439 TELL ME (0439 835 563) and receive a drug information message direct to your mobile phone. The reply will list a number of the drug’s effect, and links to find further information on the DrugInfo website as well as the Directline phone number 1800 888 236 for 24/7 free and confidential counselling and referral.