Your New Job

Starting a new job can make most of us a little nervous; you will be working with new people and learning new skills.

  • Pre-Apprenticeship
  • How do I find an Employer?
  • Your Apprenticeship


  • Relating to your employer
  • Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs)
  • Regulatory Field Services
  • Disputes with your Employer
  • How to resolve a dispute
  • Training
  • Tips for Learning at Work
  • Bullying
  • Bullying and harassment

Rights & Responsibilities

When you started your apprenticeship you signed a legally binding training agreement with your training provider and your employer.



Earning a wage for the first time can be exciting.

  • Helpful money tips
  • Government payments
  • Your Weekly Finances
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Gambling can be fun. But, if not managed well, it can cause huge problems in people’s lives.


Drugs & Alcohol

If you feel that your substance use is getting out of control call Incolink and speak to someone about it.

  • Site policy
  • Handy tips for your night out

Health & Wellbeing

What can you do to optimise your health and and mental health?

  • Food
  • Wellbeing

Incolink Services

Incolink continues to be the number one industry redundancy funds provider in the Victorian building and construction industry.

  • Redundancy Scheme
  • Incolink Insurance Benefits
  • Life Care
  • Incolink Apprentice Support Team

Industry Contacts

Industry contacts for more information about other helpful services.


What is Incolink

Incolink was established in 1988 as the industry redundancy scheme to support workers between jobs.

As well as managing funds for workers, Incolink supports the industry with a range of benefits and services.

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